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How to wear suede shoes ?

How to wear suede shoes ?

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¡Perfect for any season!

Suede shoes can be worn perfectly in any season. A suede shoes  are always an excellent choice for a good investment in footwear.

Let's start to discover this type of footwear: suede is a high quality leather, made from the underside of the animal hide.  Provide a soft texture and extreme comfort.

This type of shoe, depending on its color and design, can be used for different occasions, in general, casual events  and because of its versatility and extreme comfort, every man should own a suede leather shoes.
Suede leather shoes are a symbol of good taste and class.



You can match your suede slip on with chinos or jeans without socks, it would be an ideal outfit for spring-summer.  Even with a shorts you can get completely amazing looks, relaxed and fresh.

In addition to having an admirable texture, these slip on suede shoes are made using the kiowa technique. It consists of wrapping the foot with a piece of leather, the insole is made of the same leather as the upper part of the shoe as if it were a glove. Really feel like that!  

With Italian leather and techniques that date back centuries, our suede shoes are a magnificent  work of art.



 Choose the right color. We must keep in mind that a light color, such as gray or brandy, are much better for outings or events in the afternoon, while dark colors, will go much better at night.

If you want to stand out, you should definitely go for a look that includes this amazing suede shoe.




 Suede shoes are versatile, besides perfectly complementing a relaxed look, you can play with clothes and elevate this casual look to a semi-formal outfit: match your suede shoes with denim jeans and a sport coat, you will get  an incredible look, a perfect option for those relaxed office Fridays, but with a touch of formality.



You must keep in mind that suede shoe is a super fine and high quality leather, so you must take great care in its maintenance and cleaning.

Always use a waterproof product, this way you will avoid any damage in case your suede shoes come in contact with liquids.

To remove dust or stains, use a suede brush or toothbrush and brush gently, remember that suede shoes are delicate leather, so any contact should be gentle so as not to damage the surface.

You can also try to clean them with a microfiber cloth. We recommend that you clean your suede shoes every time you wear them so that they don´t  accumulate dirt or impurities and in this way they will always be impeccable.

If you don't own a pair of suede shoes, don't wait any longer to get a pair.

They could be your next favorite leather shoes, as they are ready to go with you in almost all your looks and occasions.


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