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Men´s business shoes

Men´s business shoes

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Best dress shoes to wear at work

Shoes always play an important role in your outfit, especially at work or business meetings.

Currently the office dress code has changed, there are more relaxed and less formal options, however if there is something that distinguishes us is the elegance, stylish and sophistication that we like to show through our footwear.  

We suggest classic footwear, that will always be a success in men´s business shoes.

There are 4 essentials men´s business shoes to wear for the office or meetings.




Keep in mind that the material and quality of a shoe reflects quality and class and can further enhance the outfit. A genuine leather shoe will always highlight the great style of a gentleman.



Ready to work in style!



For a classic business look, a classic black oxfords will always go well. Oxfords are the most formal style of men´s  dress shoes. Suitable with a button up dress shirt, slacks and blazer. Remember  use white, gray or black colors for clothes. Don´t forget a black belt, similar texture with your black oxfords. There will be no mistake in this look







A slightly more relaxed and comfortable option would be to choose a pair of derbies. Perfect for a long day of work. Classic derby is a standard type  of  men´s bussines shoes , a perfect combination of sophisticated and relaxed look.

Wear them with chinos and a t-shirt, add a peacot to highlight the outfit.

Remember the color rule: if derbies are brown, choose beige, white or slighty brown clothes, on the other hand, grey, black or white colors will be the answer for dark (black) derbies.

The colors will depend on the tone you choose for your footwear, if you wear brown derbies, choose beige or slightly brown pants. On the other hand, if you choose black derbies, remember to combine it with gray, black and unquestionably white will always be an option for both.   

These shoes are a must have to business casual outfit !



A goodyear welt construction offers the high quality  and exclusive you deserve. One of the most distinguished footwear. Will be a wise move for an important business day.



Men´s business shoes

If you want to risk a little more in your style, brogues will be fabulous and protagonist in any business day.

For a modern gentleman style. Perforations details give the style and class for any outfit.  Chinos are the perfect match for these shoes. Will be great with a cardigan or blazer.

Chinos are the perfect match for these shoes, they are excellent allies. Now for an office look, it will be great to combine them with a cardigan or blazer.

Exceptional alternative for premium look.






For those office Fridays, where you can opt for a slightly less formal look, without losing style, choose a pair of authentic loafers. A textured shoe will add great elegance and personality to your outfit with an exquisite appearance and exceptional construction.

Loafers become a timeless classic footwear.  Wear with suits, t-shirts and chinos. A perfect business casual look.

This is one of the favorites men´s attire.



Add a JP Pierre shoes to your business outfit to work with sober elegance and stylish.


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