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How to Take Care of Your Shoes?

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Leather shoes are a great investment, first of all, they last longer than a shoes made from synthetic materials. 

A leather shoe will always reflect not only a great style, but also a high quality and elegance that will be visible in your outfit.

However, being a shoe made of such a fine material, it must have special care to ensure its useful life for a long period of time and keep it in perfect condition. 



leather footwear


There are many products and processes to care for and maintain your leather footwear. For now we will start with the ESSENTIAL and the simplest:

3 basic actions that will help the maintenance of your footwear initially:  
  • Alternate its use with other footwear
  • Clean your footwear immediately after using it. It can be with a dry cloth. (to remove dust or dirt).
  • Keep your leather shoes in their own box or cloth bag.

These simple actions will prevent damage to your leather shoes and keep them cleaner for longer.

Now, let's move on to processes that require more time and dedication, but that does not mean they are highly complex, you can do them without any problem at home.


  1. LACES

First of all, remove shoe laces. This will make it easier to clean your leather shoes; you can also clean the laces separately.

  1. CLEAN

To continue cleaning your leather shoes, gently wipe the footwear surface with a dry sponge or cloth to remove dust and dirt.


Leather shoes must have adequate hydration, so it is essential to apply moisturizing creams (neutral or colored) through a dry cloth in circular movements and allows the shoe absorb the cream in a natural way.

  1. SHINE 

Once the footwear has dried naturally, remove the excess product with a natural bristle brush with circular movements. This will produce an incredible shine to your shoes.




Although it is also leather footwear, suede or nubuck has a different process, so cleaning and maintenance must be different as well.

It is important that you do not allow your suede or nubuck shoes to get wet or get any kind of liquid on them.

We recommend you, to use a nubuck waterproofing spray, on your suede shoes, before going out with them .  It will save you !

Now, after each use, it is important that you gently brush the surface of the shoe with a special nubuck brush to remove dust and dirt, as well as the seams.


And extra tip!
Shoe horns always be a success!

To keep your leather shoes looking great we recommend you use shoe horns, to keep a perfect shape and avoid wrinkles.  Is the best way to protect your footwear after use.

We also recommend you to let your leather shoes rest for at least 24 hours after wearing them, because as leather, they need to "breathe" and with this you avoid the accumulation of possible humidity or dirt.

If you have any questions about specific care of your JP Pierre shoes, let us know. We will give you all information and tips that keep the shine and essence of your leather shoes for a long time.

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